Baskets? Nah. Backroads. Pastels? Nope. Red and black. Sunrise? No way. Sunset. Peeps? Get out! Try Jeeps! Common? Uncommon. Jerusalem? No, let's go to Galilee. Death? We're talking life! Safe? Risk. Fear? Faith. Basic. Bara. 

Well traveled roads? Hell? No. It's time to try a different route. Maybe even a new church. It's time to say goodbye to beat down living. Because of One who beat down death. This Easter...Go...Off the Beaten Path.

Come along for the ride of your life this Easter with Bara Church as we celebrate the One who beat down death so we don't have to live beat down lives. 
We will be gathering in our new home in Trophy Club Plaza. And we are excited to announce that we are adding a second gathering time too! Choose from two identical experiences at 9:30a or 11:00a. Or experience one and serve one to #goforone

God is doing a new thing with, in, for, and through Bara Church. But God doing a new thing is nothing new. He's always been one to go... off the beaten path.


Please join us this Sunday, April 16th, for Easter as we go:

off the beaten path!

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