Bara Church's mission is to know Christ and make Him known.

We feel that one way the mission is accomplished is through small, relational environments, where Biblical community can be experienced and Biblical disciples can be created. Small Groups (bGROUPS) are the primary vehicle by which we carry out the vision and mission of Bara Church.

bGROUPS are community based relational environments that meet regularly (most meet weekly) for the purposes of Biblical fellowship and discipleship. A cross section of people participate, including singles and married couples of all ages. Each group ranges in size from 3 to 18 people.

bGROUPS are led by intentional leaders who are committed to help people connect with each other and grow in their faith. The bGROUP environment provides opportunity for honest, transparent and authentic relationships in various degrees, with the ultimate goal of growing everyone into spiritually mature disciples of Jesus.


Current bGROUPS


Arise & Build Prayer

  • Meets on Thursday

  • Meets at 7:00 PM

  • Meets Weekly

  • Type: Prayer

  • Location: Bara Building

  • Leaders: Pastor Joel

Men's Group (MOB)

  • Meets on Thursday

  • Meets at 6:00 AM

  • Meets Weekly

  • Type: Bible

  • Location: MeatU Anywhere BBQ 

  • Leaders: Various

Ladies Bible Study

  • Meets on Tuesday

  • Meets at 7:00 PM

  • Meets Weekly

  • Type: Bible

  • Location: 8 Biltmore Ct. TC

  • Leaders: Robin Nagengast

Quile Life Group

  • Meets on Wednesday

  • Meets at 7:00 PM

  • Meets Bi-Weekly

  • Type: Life Group

  • Location: Various (Westlake & TC)

  • Leaders: Joel & Kim Quile

Bradley Life Group

  • Meets on Sunday

  • Meets at 5:00 PM

  • Meets Every Week

  • Type: Life Group

  • Location: 4004 Shrike Tr. Roanoke

  • Leaders: Ryan & Kate Bradley