With Christmas just a few weeks away and the calendar getting ready to flip to 2018, Bara once again has the opportunity to practice generous and sacrificial giving above the tithe with a Christmas Offering.

Not only does this Christmas Offering allow Bara to end the year in great, financial standing, but better allows for forecasting in 2018.  From that flows our continued opportunities to fund the ministries that flow in and out of our doors here in Trophy Club, and also help send students to camp, send a team to Uganda, and numerous other opportunities to see the Gospel go forward.

If God is leading you to participate in this year-end gift, the fastest and easiest way to do so is to simply click the button below and choose “Christmas Offering.”  Thank you Bara, for your generosity, love and support for the Gospel.

*Please note, for 2017 tax consideration we encourage you to submit your gift prior to December 27 to allow our staff time to process the payments.  Thank you!