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Here are some next steps for you to consider as you look to progress on your journey with us:

Register for the Barabase:

If you are a partner of Bara Church and want to get in contact with another partner, the Barabase is a helpful tool for just that.

Partner of Bara Church can access our safe, secure, password protected online database for a variety of purposes.

  • Is your Partner Profile current?

  • Need a phone number?

  • Want to interact with other Bara partners?

  • Want to sign up for the latest events and receive the latest news?

It's all available to you in the Barabase.

Join a bGroup!

bGROUPS are community based relational environments that meet regularly (most meet weekly) for the purposes of Biblical fellowship and discipleship. A cross section of people participate, including singles and married couples of all ages. Each group ranges in size from 3 to 18 people.

Find your fit with the BOOM test!

"BOOM!" is a tool we use to help people discover their God given spiritual gifting.  We continually challenge people to find their fit, and "BOOM!" is a helpful guide to assist you on that quest.

Serve on a team!

Ready to get involved with the church through service? What are your gifts? What are you passionate about? There's many opportunities for you to jump in there and get involved. Let us know via the form from the button below!

Automate The Important

Using the Barabase, you can automate the important. This is for you if you want to set up your giving to automatically happen each month for a specified amount. Log in to the Barabase, or join if you haven't already, and you can set up your recurring payments there.

Arise and Build

Arise and Build is God's call on Bara Church to aquire land and build facilities for the fullfilment of God's purpose. Click the button to find out more information about the Arise and Build call.