Hebrews 12 says that, as believers, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1). A lot of times we think we’re doing things on our own. We do things not thinking about people watching us.

But there is an audience that is for us. As we live out our faith, there is an audience in heaven and on earth watching us as we go. Let's give them something to root for.


Super Sunday

The Super Bowl brings in a huge audience every year. People want to see who will make a big play, and what team can make it to end and conquer over the over team. We marvel at these players and at their on-field heroics, and then people think, I want to be like that!

In our own lives, we tend to think that people don’t notice. But in heaven their is a great audience that is watching, and rooting us on in the good fight we are apart of. What if we lived life with that mindset? What if we lived that way for Christ? People will see that and say, I want that!

Every time we pray, every time we share our faith, every time we help people know Christ better, there's a greater celebration going on in heaven. Let's live for that audience.