1. Commencement Speech

A focus on what the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 16:1-15.

It's an interesting list of names that do great things for the Kingdom just like you and I.

2. Watch Your Mouth

A message out of Psalm 19 about watching our words.

3. Hold The Towel

There's a pretty well known phrase that came around from boxing that goes, 'throw in the towel.' It means to give up, to surrender, to quit.

As believers we shouldn't give up in the good fight we are in. We shouldn't throw in the towel when it comes to praying. We should hang on.

Let's hold on to the towel. 

4. Posturing For Prayer

There's a lot of different postures for prayer found in the Bible. This sermon goes into some of these different postures. And although it's ultimately about the heart, their is something we can learn from these different physical  postures for prayer.

Often times it seems that we the way we position our bodies has something to do with where our hearts are.

What can we learn from the postures of prayer found in the Bible?


5. Praying People In To The Party

Jesus taught a story about a shepherd who left his pack of 99 sheep that were in the right place, to go and find just one sheep that was lost. The Lord cares about those who are far away. This sermon talks about sharing that same heart, and praying people into the party.