The Reality We’re Realizing

Bara is consistently and prayerfully seeking the Lord to teach us and grow us. Our mission has remained unchanged from the beginning: To Know Christ and Make Him Known. This is accomplished through our core commitments and in two primary environments: Groups and Gatherings. Every Sunday, multiple first time guests walk through our doors and into our lives. Some return. Many do not. We feel called to intentionally focus on the first time guest experience. Statistics indicate that the first six minutes of a first time guests experience are the greatest predictors of whether they will return or not. In other words, before a song is sung or a sermon is preached is preached, most people have already made up their mind about our church.

The Remedy We’re Taking

Through prayer, planning, and the power of God, we are going to seize the first six minutes after a guest steps on our campus to make it a welcoming and loving experience.  We’ve created a short video to give you a better idea of how this could look.  Please take a minute to watch the video now and then continue reading.

The Request We’re Making

We have been blessed with faithful greeters in the past, but we need to grow the team to truly meet the growing need. We are looking for dedicated people who will champion the vision, meet the need and seize the six for every God-sent-guest who walks through our doors.

The Reason We’re Asking You

We believe God is calling you to commit to Seize the Six one Sunday a month! This would look like arriving by 9:30am and serving until approximately 10:15am.

There are two main roles for you to choose from: Greeters and Guides. Greeters will find joy as they create a first, friendly and fun interaction through a kind greeting, warm smile, and simple handshake as they point people in the right direction. Guides are on the frontlines of ensuring the paramount process of helping people connect. They make conversation, answer questions and enthusiastically inform guests about Bara all while walking with them to where they need to go.

Jesus constantly made the most uncomfortable people feel safe and accepted.  He seized every opportunity to make outsiders feel like insiders. That’s what the church should do too.

If you’re ready to commit to Seize the Six click the button below!

If you have questions you can contact Charles Mitchell, Seize the 6 Coordinator, by click here.

We praise God for your willingness to serve Christ and His church!