1. What Do You Say?

All of us likely have had an experience when our parents have said (or rather we've said to our kids) what do you say? You know, after you were in a fight with your sibling, and your parent is expecting an apology. Sometimes they will get you to speak up by saying, "What do you say?" Or maybe your grandparents gave you a special gift, and your dad wants you to say thank you, he may say "what do you say?"

It's an important question. What do you say?

What do you say with your heart? With your life? What do you say to God about who He is, and how He is, and what He has done?

2. God Only

There's about 7 types of prayers in the Psalms. The one we are talking about here is a prayer of submission. An actual prayer where you utter, 'God you're in control, I'm not.' 'God you're in charge, I'm not.' 'God I have no power over you, you have power over me.'

People will accept Jesus a lot easier as Savior, then they will submit to Him as Lord. But the Bible is clear that to follow Jesus, to pick up your cross, is an act of submission. 

If we live for God the rest of our days, as God intended, we will experience freedom in Christ, and also learning to submit to Christ. It's a tension that becomes a part of our faith lives.

3. Our Father's Heart

Kim Quile and Jennifer Maddox share about the Father's heart, and about prayer of pleas from the book of Psalms.


4. What...Me Worship?

Love is something meant to be expressed, not just felt or understood.

Worship leader, Kyle Hoover, shares about his experience with worship along his faith journey. At one time, worship was something that Kyle felt very detached from, but God transformed his perspective and gave him a new understanding of what it means to worship.

Could it be that God is wanting you to worship Him too?

5. Uncontained Confession

In any relationship, if their are secrets, then that relationship is not as strong as it could be.

The strongest relationships are the ones that are the most open.

We're not perfect, and God doesn't expect us to be perfect. Tommy Maddox says that, "God wants us to have a perfect heart." And that comes from God washing it clean. Through confession He comes in and washes our hearts clean.

In this sermon, Tommy shares about how his own notion of confession has changed, and how ours hopefully can too.


6. Prayers From The Pit

The Psalms are full of hurt filled prayers. And the reason for that is because people are full of hurt. 

The sermon 'Prayers from the Pit' has to do with what it's like to address God when He seems furthest away from us.