A Vision That Is Very Viral.

Trophy Club…Texas' first master-planned community. Big vision for the late 70's. Well, we believe The Master has blessed Bara with an even bigger vision for this tiny town.


The vision of Bara Church is to "take the town for Christ."

Let us explain: We long for the day that every single resident who calls Trophy Club home calls Christ Lord. Remember in the Old Testament, when an army would lay siege to a city? We want to do that - kinda. Armed with the Gospel of Grace, Bara's heart beats to love the town, serve the town and yes, dare we say it, save the town!

Missiologists would call this approach "saturation evangelism," but most people would just call it fantasy.

We call it our vision and it is what keeps us up at night and keeps us going during the day. We will stop at nothing short of the audacious goal of Trophy Club, Texas being the hardest place on the planet to go to hell from. Yes, we know…that is not politically or even grammatically correct.

We can see neighbors standing out in the front yard, laughing, enjoying a glass of water or wine or tea with each other while watching the sunset...and knowing the Creator of that magical moment.  We see a town with proud residents, humble leaders, a unified government, great schools, thriving businesses, and neighbors who truly love each other!  We know that kind of abundance is only found in the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not going to stop with Trophy Club either. We are not planting "a" church, but rather "churches that plant churches!" We love the lost and want to join God in His redemptive mission. Where we plant next - who knows? But we are clear where we plant now - Trophy Club.

In closing, consider the question, posed by an atheist:

"If this Jesus stuff is real, and if people can really only have eternal life through him, and if people will really be separated forever without him in what Christians call hell, then just how much do you have to hate someone to not tell them about Jesus?


We believe Bara is a church…

Created by God

Commissioned by Christ

Carried by the Spirit

A Chosen People Called To:

BOW before Christ
ABIDE in Community
REDEEM all Creation
ADVANCE God's Church