Kimberly Kay Quile has an undeniable passion and love for God. She is a woman who loves people, especially those who walk this world hopeless, empty, discouraged, brokenhearted, outcast, terminally ill and rejected by the world and by so called Christians. Her hope is to be a light for them in their dark world. She admits her faith goes through seasons. "I have lots of days where I am strong, and some (more than I like) where I am weak. I treasure both my mountain top and valley experiences, I need them both for they refine me."

Kim is married to her wonderful husband Joel and says his "amazing love for our Lord, me our children and God's people continue to cause me to fall in love with him more and more every day!" Kim is blessed with three amazing children John 29, Laura 25, and Emily 18, and loves that they each have a teachable spirit and reverence for our Lord. This busy woman of God is a wife, mother, family member and friend to all and believes "without a shadow of doubt that if God's grace were removed from me, I would be unrecognizable."