Desperate times. Desperate prayers.

"Impossible Prayers" is a sermon series that challenges us to have the faith to pray and ask God for what may seem impossible to us (humanly speaking), but is possible with God.

Will you pray impossible prayers?

1. Preposterous Prayer

"If our time in the Word isn't big, our prayers will be small."

Preposterous should be common for the Christian. Preposterous should be our first nature. Looking at stories from the Bible, praying these kind of crazy insane prayers should be something we frequently experience. 

The sermon, Preposterous Prayers, relates how Joshua's preposterous request for God to stop the sun to aid them in a battle, can be an example for us to pray huge prayers about what's in front of us.

What's your impossible prayer?

2. Wrestling Prayer

When you wrestle it's not easy. It's not fun. No one is giggling in a wrestling match. It's like hand to hand combat. Down on the ground, dirty stuff. That's this message.

Whatever crisis or conflict you come up against, it's real. God knows it. It's okay to wrestle God.

God is big, certainly. But that does not mean that are issues and challenges are not real or important. They are. When we pray, we can come before God with our challenges. He cares, and we won't scare Him away.

Jacob wrestled with God for a blessing. But the funny thing about it is that he was trying to get from God, what God already wanted to give to him.

3. Decisive Prayer

We want clarity. We want answers right then and there. We want clarity because it brings confidence and courage. But when there's confusion, when their's chaos, or ambiguity, it's difficult to get any traction in regards to life. We want the answers, but what we need more is God.

In 1 Kings 18, there's a group of people waffling between two sides of an issue. When Elijah called them out to pick a side, they fell silent because it made so much sense. Elijah prayed and asked God to answer him so that people could understand the clear answer to the issue. God answered Elijah and erased the confusion, and made it very clear who God is.

Decisive prayer recognizes God as number one. 

Let's be decisive. Let's be specific.

Is there a place in your life where you refuse to do what God has asked, but you want Him to do what you've asked?

4. Trusting Prayer

To speak to a God you can't see. To share your deepest fears, or hurts, or hopes, with a God who may or may not be real, takes trust.

But when you trust, that is the sweet language of prayer.

Prayer is trust.

5. Amazing Prayer

What are some ways or some words that we can use to describe the word amazing? A few might be being filled with astonishment, stunned, stagger, shock, stupefy, a gasp, dumbfound.

Could we pray a prayer that could dumbfound someone? Stop them in their tracks? Amaze them.

What amazes you?

Could their be a prayer that we could pray, or a manner in which we pray, that could be amazing? If so, could we amaze God?

Could it be possible that our prayers could amaze God?

6. Liberating Prayer

Liberation is the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression. It's release. It's freedom from limits on thoughts and behavior.

The sermon 'Liberating Prayer' is about a prayer that can bring freedom in us.

7. Questioning Prayer

Self dependency can lead to self idolatry. 

When we pray impossible prayers, God will put us in impossible situations, so that we will cling to Him, and not idolize ourselves and depend on our natural gifts and talents, but say God help, I'm the least, I can't do it. And God will say, 'Great'. 'You figured it out'. 'Now you know I can'. 'So buckle up and let's go do something.'

'Let's do something bigger than ourselves.'