Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast as a Category 4 storm on Friday, August 25 and has ravaged South Texas, bringing an unprecedented amount of devastation and destruction. The storm made landfall in the coastal communities of Rockport, Aransas Pass and Port Aransas, with surrounding cities such as Corpus Christi and Houston being affected as well. In a matter of hours, long-standing homes and businesses were torn apart, leaving thousands of individuals and families homeless and without shelter or resources. It will take months, and in some areas years, to restore Houston to its former state. As a part of our mission to know Christ and make him known, we are called to respond. We are called to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of these people in crisis by praying, giving and using our resources and influence. It is an opportunity to show the love of Christ and live out the gospel to our world.

Here Are Three Ways We Can Help!


1. Pray

·      Pray for the storm to abate and floodwaters to recede. Even the wind and the sea are obedient to our Lord (Mark 4:41).

·      Pray for the people who have had to evacuate their homes, especially those with nowhere to go. Pray for those unable to evacuate, who are stranded in their homes. Ask for the Lord’s provision for these people.

·      Pray for the first responders, National Guard, disaster relief volunteers and all others working to rescue those who are stranded, restore power to those without it, render aid to the injured and prevent as much damage as possible. Ask for safety and endurance for these men and women.

·      Pray for the grieving, those who have lost loved ones or suffered injuries, and those who have lost their homes. Ask the Lord to be their comfort and strength through the upcoming days, weeks and months.

2. Give

Immediate Needs:

·      Diapers (all sizes)

·      Baby Formula

·      Baby Toiletries

·      Paper Towels

·      Trash bags (Contractor)

·      Adult Toiletries

·      Canned Goods

·      Deodorant

·      Body Soap

·      Shampoo

·      Toothpaste

·      Toothbrushes

·      Bottled Water

·      Wheel Chairs

Items can be dropped off at Bara Church Building between the hours of 9am and 4pm. If you can't make it during that time, let the staff contact below know. Stop by the front entrance of the office building and we can assist you with the donated items. Thank you so much for helping to supply much needed items. Please contact
Robin@barachurch.com for any questions.

These donations will be delivered early next week to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

If you would like to donate financially, Bara is directly connected to The Met Church in Houston, where Pastor Joel is good friends with their Worship Pastor, Stephen Patterson and we’d like to direct our funds to help their church as they are assisting many around them.  To give, click here.

*If you’d liked a receipt for end of the year giving, please create an account.  If not, select, “Give Without an Account.”

*Also be sure to select the “Jones Campus” and give to the “Disaster Relief” option.

If you would like to see updates or how The Met Church is helping, go to their Facbook page here.

3. Serve/Go/Help

·      Volunteer at the building to help collect, sort, and transport supplies over the next 10 days.

·      Volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse. They are asking for thousands of volunteers over the next several months.

·      Serve Those in Need


Help Evacuees at Local Shelters

Many families who have lost everything due to the flood are now arriving in the North Texas area. You can sign up to serve at a local emergency shelter that is taking in many families and help make a difference.

Donation for these shelters can be dropped off at:
15660 N. Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75248.

The website below will help connect you to local volunteering and donation opportunities. 



Additional Resources


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