The devil loves to see us scared to death and so he gives us fear. And our Father hates to see us live in fear so he gave us Jesus. And because of Jesus and what he did on the cross, we don't have to live in fear.

Pastor Joel challenge us from the Word of God to not only face our fears, but to see that because of God's love, we can send them to the grave!

Death to Scared: Perfect Love Drives Out Fear is a three part series that focuses on fearless faith of Daniel, Esther and Stephen. Let's stop living scared to death so that we might live lives that bring death to scared. 


1. Praying On Your Fears

We shouldn’t only want to pursue a relationship with God when we are facing our fears. We should walk with him continually through everything.

We must face God long before we face fear. 

And if we don’t fear God, we will certainly fear man.

When we face God, we can face our fear.

2. Summoned By The King

“You’ll live in fear of the “thing’s” presence, until you enter the King’s presence.”

As believers we’ve all been summoned by the King of kings. And when God calls us, than He’s in it. We aren’t alone. God’s in it. We fear because we forget that.

Our fears flow from a mistrust in God. So as we trust in Him, trusting that He is who He says He is, and will do what He says He will do, than we can face our fears.

3. Stand Up to Fear

Fear says, "Be silent." But faith says, "Speak Up."

Stephen challenged the Sanhedrin back then, and he challenges us right now. Stephen was a minister long before he was a martyr. Stephen was the first to die for Jesus, but not the last. Some of us have nothing to be afraid of! You will never be called to die for Him if you're not living out your calling to live for Him.

There was someone Stephen loved more than himself. Luke, the detail-loving doctor said, "He fell asleep" because he knew death didn't get the last word; it still doesn't. Not everyone will be called to give their lives for the Gospel, but everyone is called to live their lives for the Gospel.