At the beginning of 2015, we set out to follow the lives of 4 people as they prayed over the course of a year to see how prayer impacted their lives. What follows is Bara Church's first documentary, When We Pray! Last month we did a soft release of the film and we are excited to announce that next week we will be releasing the film for the world to see!

In anticipation for the e-release, we will be doing a social media blitzkrieg to spread the word about the film!


A simple social media blast could change somebody's life forever. Here you will find all the resources you need to participate in the social media blast and invite someone to watch the film, When We Pray.

The When We Pray e-Release Social Media Blitzkrieg will be September 13th at 9:13am (CST) and again at 9:13pm (CST)

Social Media is an easy way for anyone to say something, but it can be a difficult way to be heard by the masses. BUT when we all say something together (flash-mob style), it rises above the noise and makes a STATEMENT!

It will just take you a few seconds. If everyone does this small thing, it will make a BIG impact!


Everyone get out your phone right now and set a reminder with a reminder app or put it on your calendar...whatever works best for you...and set a reminder for September 13th at 9:13am or 9:13pm. 



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I'm so excited to watch Bara Church's, When We Pray! You should watch it too! Go to #barachurch