Bara Blast 03.10.16

Dear Bara,

This Sunday we will be in the 5th part of the series The Beauty of Grace. Pastor Joel will be preaching from Galatians 5. The title of his sermon will be, The Only Thing That Counts.

BSM Fellowship: Watching, Risen
This Sunday afternoon we're heading to see the movie, Risen, at the Cinemark in Roanoke.  the movie starts at 4pm and you can buy your tickets ahead of time for $10.  This is a great view of the resurrection like you've never seen before.  Come join us and then enjoy a safe and fun-filled Spring Break!
If you have any questions about Bara Student Ministries (BSM), please contact the Youth Pastor, Ryan Bradley at  For more information on BSM, please visit

Spring Forward & PJ Sunday
This Sunday, don't forget to set your clock ahead an hour.  Yes, that does mean you lose an hour of sleep, but it doesn't mean you have to get the kids dressed!  This Sunday, we're inviting all our BKids to come to church in their pajamas.  They can even sport some bed head too if they choose.  We think pajamas + Jesus = tons of fun!

30 for 30 Stories
We want your story!  Yes, yours!  Easter is kicking off our 30 for 30 stories where we will share 30 stories, some Biblical, some of them yours, in many different ways over 30 days.  If you'd like to share your story with us, please go to and get to writing.  If you've never written out your story, you should.  Please don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Our B-Kids lesson will be on how we can look forward to Heaven because Jesus Forgives us. Their Bible story is from James 1:12, The Salvation Story (passages from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Our Wee Kids lesson will be on the importance of telling others about Jesus. Their Bible story will be from Luke 11:33, The Lamp for all to see.

30 for 30 Challenge
Pastor Joel told the church about our 30 for 30 Challenge.  It's a challenge to invite 30 people over the next 30 days (ends on Easter) and the staff will be providing 30 creative and fun ways to help. Please be prayerfully considering who God would have you ask to join us for Easter.  Also, ask Him to give you the eyes to see those who might not initially think of so that you can see and invite them as well.  The website goes live tomorrow (or you can get a sneak peek right now if you'd like) at Also, you'll see there are downloadable graphics for the Glow Egg Hunt as well as our Easter service so you can share them on social media.  Don't miss this challenge to invite friends, family, stranger, and anybody and everybody to hear the greatest story ever!

Bara Glow Egg Hunt
It's back and better than ever.  Bara's 2nd Annual Glow Egg Hunt preparations are underway.  How can you help?  Great question.  Here's 3 ways: 1) Pray for the event! 2) Mark the date and serve at this event!  3) Bring Candy -  Any candy that will fit in a standard, small Easter egg.  Bring it to service. You can drop it off at the Children’s Check in area or drop it off at the office.  We're hoping to have OVER 10,000, YES THAT'S 10,000 EGGS! Thanks for your help in this amazing event.  Head over to for more information and downloadable graphics.


The M.O.B (Men of Bara) meet at the Trophy Club Country Club, 500 Trophy Club Dr. on Wednesdays from 6am – 7am. We are studying Biblical truths to help make men stronger. Contact:

Arise and Build
If you love accomplishing a lot at one time (think: one stop shopping) then you need to come check out our Arise and Build Prayer Nights every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm at the BARA offices. In less than an hour, you can praise The Lord for all He is doing in and through Arise and Build while you answer His call to pray audaciously for what is to come and if that wasn't enough: you will get to build new relationships with your BARA family!! One of the sweet byproducts of our Prayer Nights for those of us that have been participating is that we have experienced the joy of getting to know each other better in ways that can only happen by praying and spending time together. Give it a try and see how God can use a time of prayer devoted to building a building to actually build His church!  For directions to the Bara Church office click here. For additional information click here.

Automate the Important
Would you be willing to set up an online giving profile on our website and automate the important? Not only will you not have to bring a checkbook to church, you will help us grow our ministries during all seasons of the year. If you miss a Sunday gathering or you like to do your finances with a debit or credit card. You might be interested to know that you can go to our website and make an offering online. Any offering you give will be entered into the barabase, which you can look at any time to see the up to date amount given by you or a family member. At the end of the year we will send you a year end giving statement for tax purposes. So jump in today and Automate the Important! To give right now, simply click here.

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