Bara Blast 05.14.15

Dear Bara,

A Word from Pastor Joel

We had a great gathering on Mother's Day last Sunday, didn't we? I've heard plenty of positive comments about the video and the gifts! As I mentioned on Sunday, "Trusting Prayer" is way easier to preach than to practice. And I'm here to report that it feels like God has me taking the class again this week as I've found myself in several scenarios in which trusting God was my only option. But the good news is that not only is He our only option sometimes, He is our best option every time! 
I have three things on my heart this week.
Senior Celebration
This is one of the distinctive of Bara. It is part of our DNA. It is dear to Kim and my hearts. There will be details below, but I just want you to know that one of my Impossible Prayers this year is that every single person who considers Bara "their church" will join in the celebration on Sunday, May 31st, as we honor our own graduating seniors and a few who have either served us faithfully or do not have a church home. This is one of my favorite nights of the year! I hope you will come rejoice with those who rejoice!
A Simple Invitation
A Christian who is not actively sharing the gospel is really a contradiction in terms. The great commission is not the great suggestion. One of the baby steps to sharing the Good News of Christ is simply inviting unchurched people to gather with the Bride of Christ - the local church! Research clearly states that the vast majority of those who don't attend church would attend if invited by a friend. It will take faith. But it will also be amazing. In fact, I'll explain more about that very truth on Sunday.
A Lot of Rain
There is no denying that we have been getting a lot of rain the past month. And perhaps you've been like me and have already had enough of wet socks from puddles turned rivers, not being able to mow the lawn or not being able to see the sun. But at the risk of being perceived as the captain of SS Guilt Trip, I'd like to remind us of Paul's words in Philippians 4:8. I encourage each of us to focus on the positives that come with such abundant rain. A simple change of perspective might be just the thing to help us want to go outside and dance in those puddles (the smaller ones of course!) with childlike joy! There are plenty of drought stricken places in the world today that would love to have this rain. My friends and family in California would love to have this rain. I like rain as about as much as I like the treadmill. But like regular exercise, it is really beneficial. 
I'll see you Sunday, rain or shine!
I love you Bara!
BSM Worship: Strengths and Weaknesses

This Sunday night we'll be gathering at the Bradley’s (4004 Shrike Trail, Roanoke) from 6-7:15pm for a fun night of worship, games, music, fun, food, and great discussion about our greatest strengths and our most frustrating weaknesses and how Jesus is champion of both. This is a great environment and open for students in grades 6th-12th.  We'll have gift cards up for grabs.  Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about Bara Student Ministries (BSM), please contact our Youth Pastor, Ryan Bradley at  For more information on BSM, please visit

Senior Celebration

Senior Celebration is quickly approaching. It is a church wide event so please plan to attend. We will be honoring our graduates at the Lancaster Theatre (300 South Main Street, Grapevine) on Sunday night, May 31st. The graduates will be arriving at 7pm.  Tickets are free now until May 31st, however if tickets have not been picked up prior to the evenings event there will be a $5.00 charge at the door. Tickets will be available to be picked up this Sunday after church at Guest Central. Please see Kim Quile with questions. All of Bara needs to come enjoy a night of celebration, honor and blessing!


In B-Kids children will learn that being prideful can be very dangerous and that we should always be humble instead. The Bible story will be from 2 Chronicles 26: King Uzziah enters the temple. Their Bible verse: “ But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” Matthew 23:12.In Wee Kids will learn about Mary’s gift to Jesus (John 12:1-8.) The main point to their lesson is: I will Give! Their Bible verse is: “Do wgat us right and good in the Lords’s sight, so all will go well with you.”


bGroups are small groups that meet regularly. They help people build community and grow in their faith. If you are interested or have questions, visit Contact:


This is your beginning with Bara. See who we are, our mission, vision and core commitments. Hear about our journey, our past, present and future. Learn what we do, how we connect and serve. You will be able to get your questions answered and much more. For more information click here.

Arise and Build

If you love accomplishing a lot at one time (think: one stop shopping) then you need to come check out our Arise and Build Prayer Nights every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm at the BARA offices. In less than an hour, you can praise The Lord for all He is doing in and through Arise and Build while you answer His call to pray audaciously for what is to come and if that wasn't enough: you will get to build new relationships with your BARA family!! One of the sweet byproducts of our Prayer Nights for those of us that have been participating is that we have experienced the joy of getting to know each other better in ways that can only happen by praying and spending time together. Give it a try and see how God can use a time of prayer devoted to building a building to actually build His church!  For directions to the Bara Church office click here. For additional information click here.

Automate the Important
Would you be willing to set up an online giving profile on our website and automate the important?
Not only will you not have to bring a checkbook to church, you will help us grow our ministries during all seasons of the year. If you miss a Sunday gathering or you like to do your finances with a debit or credit card. You might be interested to know that you can go to our website and make an offering online. Any offering you give will be entered into the barabase, which you can look at any time to see the up to date amount given by you or a family member. At the end of the year we will send you a year end giving statement for tax purposes. So jump in today and Automate the Important! To give right now, simply click here.
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