Bara Blast 03.05.15

Dear Bara,

A Word from Pastor Joel

This Sunday I’ll be preaching one of the most difficult messages I've ever preached. Have you ever felt abandoned by God? Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever wondered where God is? Have you ever asked God "why?" I know some of you will be gone for spring break but I hope the rest of you will make sure to be there as we wrestle with the question: "What's Your Why?" 

BSM: See You Next Sunday

BSM wants all students to enjoy their Spring Break!  Be sure to join us next Sunday night for BSM Worship night with giveaways, food, games, and fun as always.  Come party with us before you have to hop back into the routine of school.  So get your schoolwork done ahead of time and come join us!  Stay safe and have a great week!


This Sunday in B-kids we will recognize that it’s possible to know a lot about Jesus, and still make bad choices. Our memory verse will be: “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.” – John 11:25(NIV). In Wee kids we will teach that God loves you! Their memory verse will be “God is love” – 1John 4:8. Make sure you do your 40 Acts of Lenten Love!

Spring Forward

Just a reminder that it is that time of year when we spring forward by setting our clocks one hour ahead before you go to bed this Saturday night. We hope to see you all Sunday at 10:00am and please bring a friend!

Easter Eggs

We are in need of people to bring bags of candy as we get to stuff over 5000 eggs for the town Easter egg hunt and our very own Easter egg hunt. Please be sure the bags have individually wrapped candy (for example no loose candy like jelly beans.) We need all candy by Sunday March 22nd. Candy may be brought to our Sunday Gathering or to the Bara Church office.

Arise and Build

If you love accomplishing a lot at one time (think: one stop shopping) then you need to come check out our Arise and Build Prayer Nights every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm at the BARA offices. In less than an hour, you can praise The Lord for all He is doing in and through Arise and Build while you answer His call to pray audaciously for what is to come and if that wasn't enough: you will get to build new relationships with your BARA family!! One of the sweet byproducts of our Prayer Nights for those of us that have been participating is that we have experienced the joy of getting to know each other better in ways that can only happen by praying and spending time together. Give it a try and see how God can use a time of prayer devoted to building a building to actually build His church! For more information and directions to the Bara Church office click here.

Automate the Important
Would you be willing to set up an online giving profile on our website and automate the important?
Not only will you not have to bring a checkbook to church, you will help us grow our ministries during all seasons of the year. If you miss a Sunday gathering or you like to do your finances with a debit or credit card. You might be interested to know that you can go to our website and make an offering online. Any offering you give will be entered into the barabase, which you can look at any time to see the up to date amount given by you or a family member. At the end of the year we will send you a year end giving statement for tax purposes. So jump in today and Automate the Important! To give right now, simply click here.
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