Bara Blast 02.05.15

Dear Bara,

A Word from Pastor Joel

"I will build my church, and the gates of hell will never overcome it!" - Matthew 16:18
2015 is off to an incredible start! God is so faithful! Remember that every time the verb "bara" is used in the Bible, God is the subject! This means we must never forget that Bara Church is God's church! He cannot be stopped!
How awesome was Tommy's message on Sunday? I can hear the "great could of witnesses" cheering us all on! The Bible states that our elders must be able to teach the Word well. Having one that can do that and who's been in the SuperBowl is a bonus. Ryan and I are still a little biter about his Super Bowl rings cracks! And how awesome was that Super Bowl? I don't particularly care for either team but it was such a great game! I heard an post game with Seattle Head Coach that really impacted me. He explained his decision to pass on second and goal instead of run with, "we wanted to slow the game down." Well we all know how it turned out for them. Suffice it to say that it is going to be a "slow" offseason.
I need you to know that Bara has no plans to "slow the game down" in 2015! With a renewed commitment to prayer and the resulting return of peak passion, your Pastor, Elders, and Staff are more fired up than ever about what we believe God is going to do this year in our church! I spelled this out in our Vision Sunday sermon a couple of weeks back. If you missed it, watch it now! If you were there, watch it again now!
I'm writing this while texting back and forth with Pastor Ryan as he is in the hospital with his wife Kate who is about to give birth to their second child, a son, to be named Jensen! It's not a perfect analogy, but I truly believe that God is also brining new life to the Bara family right now! We've seen energetic new families getting more involved, exciting new changes in B-Kids, and we are on the verge of explosive growth in the number of our small groups! 
This weekend I'm preaching John 17 and my message is called, "May Be One" and it will be a call for unity! You might say it is just a "re-call" for the call that Jesus prayed for his church to be one! I am so fired up to preach! If I were you, I'd get there at least 6 minutes early, and I'd bring a friend! It's going to be a great day!
Hopefully by now, you've heard about our "Prayer Partner Campaign!" This is going to really bless our church! We are calling on everyone to participate! We think the Spirit will use it to bring revival and unity to our entire church! See below for more information and commit today to participate! You will be so glad you did!
I love you, Bara! It is an honor to lead and serve and shepherd you along with my fellow elders! Know this: Bara is God's church and He will build it and the gates of hell will never overcome it!
I'll see you Sunday!
Say your prayers! 
That all might know Christ and make Him known,
Pastor Joel
PS: And when you say those prayers, please remember me. I am traveling to Boerne, Texas where I will be the speaker for 1910 Church's Dudes Weekend Men's Conference. I get back late Saturday but don't worry, I will be ready to roll on Sunday morning! But I do covet your prayers for protection for me and my family and for me to be a powerful force of love to that church that means so much to Bara. 
PSS: Hey ladies, I don't think it is too late to experience the IF Gathering in Irving with Kim and several other Bara women! See below and sign up! It's going to be incredible! 
 BSM Dodgeball and Worship

This Sunday night, February 8th, we will be partnering up with The Church at Trophy Lakes and their youth group for a fun night of dodgeball, giveaways, and worship.  This is going to be a great night of endless fun while joining many students together.  We're encouraging students to arrive at The Church at Trophy Lakes (800 Trophy Club Drive) by 5:45pm so we can start right at 6pm.  We will be done right at 8pm.  Please don't miss this exciting night.

If you have any questions about Bara Student Ministries (BSM), please contact our Youth Pastor, Ryan Bradley at  For more information on BSM, please visit
Last week the kids did a great job memorizing scripture and this week we will work on the same verses while we learn from the book of Ruth. Did you know that you can study along with us by downloading the Bible Studies for Life App for Kids?

Prayer Partners
Please join us for a special opportunity for a fun and unique way to pray.  We'll have forms that we'd love EVERYBODY to fill out individually and return to Guest Central, or fill out on-line here, by February 15th with a picture.  From there you will be partnered with a youth or child to pray for over Lent. You will find out who your prayer partner is on Sunday, February 22nd, so you don't want to miss that Sunday.   Please jump on this great opportunity to have the younger or older generation (depending on where you fall) to pray for you for 40 days!

If you have any questions about Prayer Partners, please contact Ryan Bradley at

Marriage on the Rocks

Marriage on the Rock Video series, by Jimmy Evans, begins tonight at 7PM at Dennis and Linda O’Brien’s. Their address is 107 Oakmont. Click here for directions. Please contact Cathy or Earl Holbeck for additional information at 406-249-8379. We will meet for 10 weeks. Anyone can join us beginning tonight and/or anytime during the study. We promise fellowship, fun and food along the way!
Women’s Conference

There is a wonderful opportunity for the women of Bara Beautiful to participate in the upcoming IF:Local Gathering. The event takes place in Irving tomorrow, Friday, February 6th from 4:00pm – 10pm and then on Saturday, February 7th form 9:00am – 5:00pm. The cost of the Gathering is $25 (or donation) The annual 2-day gathering brings together women from all over the world to humbly seek God and to equip them to better live out their callings.
If you would like to register for the IF:Local Gathering, or to get more information, please click here. After you register, please contact Kim Quile ( or 817.681.5842) so arrangements can be made for carpooling or sitting together.

Arise and Build
If you love accomplishing a lot at one time (think: one stop shopping) then you need to come check out our Arise and Build Prayer Nights every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm at the BARA offices. In less than an hour, you can praise The Lord for all He is doing in and through Arise and Build while you answer His call to pray audaciously for what is to come and if that wasn't enough: you will get to build new relationships with your BARA family!! One of the sweet byproducts of our Prayer Nights for those of us that have been participating is that we have experienced the joy of getting to know each other better in ways that can only happen by praying and spending time together. Give it a try and see how God can use a time of prayer devoted to building a building to actually build His church! For more information and directions to the Bara Church office click here.

 Automate the Important
Would you be willing to set up an online giving profile on our website and automate the important?
Not only will you not have to bring a checkbook to church, you will help us grow our ministries during all seasons of the year. If you miss a Sunday gathering or you like to do your finances with a debit or credit card. You might be interested to know that you can go to our website and make an offering online. Any offering you give will be entered into the barabase, which you can look at any time to see the up to date amount given by you or a family member. At the end of the year we will send you a year end giving statement for tax purposes. So jump in today and Automate the Important! To give right now, simply click here.
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