Carly Borer

Why did you get baptized?

I got baptized because my life had truly been changed by God at camp. I didn't just have a fun one week experience in Colorado, making new friends and enjoying the view. I felt God speak to me and impact my life in ways he never has before and that's when I knew I wanted to rededicate my life to Him.

How did you feel when you were baptized?

I felt new. I felt refreshed, like what ever happened before that moment and afterwards was erased and I was brand new. I felt empowered, honored and, most importantly, loved.

What would you say to someone thinking about getting baptized?

I would tell someone thinking about getting baptized that it is no rush. It's not something you need to feel like you're being forced into it. You'll know when you're ready, and when you are, it will happen, and you'll feel an indescribable love and joy.

Is there anything else you would like to share with others about your story?

I would just like to share that I'm far from perfect. It's very cliché, and nobody is by any means, but I used to feel like some people expected to absolute best from me always. I became tired of that reputation and grew apart from some of the things and people that made me whole and happy. I started making the wrong decisions. I learned that others having high expectations for me wasn't something to be annoyed with or not proud of. Some expectations may be difficult to rise to, but they still can be reached. It is better to be the one who's expected to work hard to succeed and be happy, rather than to be the one with no expectations from others.