Bara is moving! After over seven years of being a portable church that met in Beck Elementary and Byron Nelson High School, Bara will have a space we can call our own. After much waiting, through much discussion, and because of years of passionate, persistent and faithful prayer, God has provided us a fantastic 5400 square foot space in Trophy Club Plaza! We ask you to join us in praising God for His faithfulness and provision! We have signed the lease, secured initial permits, drawn up plans and chose our builder. We say we chose our builder but the truth be told, God really did that for us. In fact, God has been so instrumental through all of this that there is nothing we can do but thank, praise and glorify Him!

And this is only the beginning! Starting Sunday, January 15th, we begin a new season in the life of Bara Church and a new part of God’s plan for us, Arise and Build. We're thrilled and honored to announce: Arise NOW! A Powerful Project of Arise and Build. Here are a few of the key points and a very specific call to action for you to prayerfully consider:

  • Arise NOW! is a expeditious and miraculous movement in which God will provide $300,000 for Bara to build a facility that will be a gift to the community.

  • We not only believe He will provide the funds, we believe He’ll do it fast! As in, the next three months FAST! Expeditious and miraculous!

  • We are called to build something so great, so fast, so well, so creative for so little, that only God could get the glory for it!

  • We believe that the new space will open up new doors of ministry as well as allow us to improve in every area of ministry!

  • There is no doubt in the mind of our elders, staff and leaders, that this plan originated in the heart of God. And what God originates, He orchestrates. We may not know how God will do it, but we have a covenant confidence that He will do it! “How” is God’s specialty! And we believe, He is calling you to be a part and Arise NOW!


Would you please pray this prayer?

“God, are you calling me to Arise NOW! and make a sacrificial financial gift to your expeditious and miraculous movement?”

If you are bold enough to pray it, we believe God will be good enough to answer it. And our prayer is that whatever amount He calls you to give, that you would be obedient enough to give it. There is no amount too small and many ways you can give.

  • You mail a check to: Bara Church, PO Box 1337. Trophy Club, TX 76262.

  • You can bring your gift with you to any Gathering and drop it in the offering and mark it to be given the "Arise Now Fund."

  • In addition to giving a one time gift, you may also make a financial pledge to be fulfilled by Easter Sunday, April 16th.

  • You can give today, right now, by clicking the button below.


We ask both Bara Partners and attenders as well as those of you who are faithful members of other churches to please make sure any gift/pledge you make to Arise NOW! would always be above and beyond your regular giving to your local church.

Arise Now is Bara's call to raise funds for Bara's future home at the Trophy Club Plaza as well as the 3 P's.  What are the 3 P's you ask? The 3 P’s are what we are calling on everyone to do.  They are:


       Praise God for Getting Us This Far

       Pray for Provision

       Pray for Passion, Persistence, Protection

       Pray for Perspective - Bara is bigger than a building!

       Pray for Power - Ask God for miracles for Bara and for Him to BARA!


  Share the News! - Talk it up! Far and Wide! Family and Friends!

  Share the Need! - Make the Ask! Don’t be scared!

  Share the Normal! – Share all that God is doing in and through Bara & not                   solely focus on the building!


  Give Time

  Praying – For ALL that God’s doing now and will do in and out of the new space!

  Promoting – Spreading the word anyway and every way!

  Project – Help when, where, and however you can!

  Give Talent

   Bring any talent you have to the table to help build, paint, clean, find, create, and so much more at the new space!

  Give Treasure

  Stuff – Sell things you may no longer need or donate pieces we could use in the new space!

   Big Gifts – We will need several large financial donations to fund the project.  We will have detailed layouts about the project the staff can provide you upon request.  The sooner the better on all financial donations as it will only be built as we have the funds. Also, ways to give listed above.

  Your Networks – Who do you know that might be willing and able to contribute financially to the new space?  Where your treasure is, your heart is also.  Share vision to with everybody.

  Give Trust

  Choose Faith Over Sight – God has got this!  Trust Him!

  Choose Unity Over Dissension – The devil wants this to hurt and not help our church.  Trust the leadership and seek unity.

  Choose Courage Over Fear – This journey will be hard at times but courage always reigns supreme over fear, so fight for it!

We are asking everyone (elders, staff, leaders, church body) to do all 3 P’s!


The Dream

       This isn’t our final stop.  We still believe that God has the land and the hill claimed for Bara Church.  This building allows a time to grow and have facilities to facilitate more than we could.  We are excited for what God has for us in the new space.  The dream will never be dead because “The dream is from God!”

The Builder

God sent us the best! Trinity Group International is a faith based company who has built over 30 churches and have already proved to be so helpful in the planning of the new space.  For more information on Trinity, you can visit their website at

These Things We Know For Sure:

  We will pay as we go.  

  We will finish the build out with at least 50% of Arise and Build account still            available.

  We will tap all strategic partnerships possible to raise additional funds.


We know the What. We know the Why. We have a vision and plan. But the How is God’s specialty. We believe He can still BARA!



Below are a few photos of our floor plan and first draft artistic renders of the space and are subject to change.