The 30 for 30 Challenge is a challenge to invite 30 people over 30 days, starting Friday, February 26th to join us Easter Sunday on March 27th.  We have created a list of many different and creative ways to extend those invitations as well as a few people that might not automatically come on your radar. 

This is a challenge to prayerfully consider who God would have you invite to hear the greatest love story unfold.  This story is life-changing, life-giving, and can change the script for a family for generations.  

We highly encourage you to jump on this challenge regardless of how many days are left until Easter!  You’ve been challenged!  Now go share the GOOD NEWS!

30 Ways

  1. Invite someone intentionally through social media (see below)

  2. Invite someone via email or text

  3. Invite someone with a handwritten note and include the website

  4. On February 29th, (LEAP DAY!!!!) Hand them a note that says, “We hope you LEAP on over to join us…”

  5. Invite your server at a restaurant (TIP BIG!)

  6. Serve together as a family ( and hand invitations out when your are done

  7. Walk an invitation over to your neighbor and personally deliver it to them

  8. Invite a stranger

  9. Invite people at a place you do business with

  10. Invite a classmate or coworker

  11. Invite a grocery store clerk

  12. Invite someone with a phone call

  13. Mail an invitation with a personal message

  14. Encourage your kids/grandkids to invite their teachers

  15. Invite family members that live in the area or might be visiting for Easter

  16. Invite your kids’ friends and their parents

  17. Host a small event at your house and as they leave pass out invitations

  18. Invite first time guests you meet at church over the next four weeks

  19. Buy somebody’s coffee and hand them and an invite

  20. Open a lemonade stand in your front yard and hand out fresh lemonade and invites with each drink

  21. Host a mini Glow party

  22. Invite someone with a candy bar that says, “You know what would be SWEET is if you join us…”

  23. Ask to leave a few invitations out at places you frequently visit

  24. Bake some cookies and deliver them to someone you’ve been praying about inviting with an invitation

  25. Walk through your neighborhood and invite people who are out working in the yard, playing outside, out for a walk, etc.

  26. Put some tickets on your desk, your coffee table, your car console, etc. where people will see them and ask you about them.

  27. Invite a drive-thru worker

  28. Invite a local emergency services person (police, fire, paramedic, etc.)

  29. Invite a local, political, government, or school official

  30. Invite somebody that works for you in some capacity (babysitter, gardener, handyman, etc.)

Easter Social Media Graphics! (Click and save the images and then you can upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Glow Social Media Graphics! (Click and save the images and then you can upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

We respectfully ask that you include the following copy in your Instagram posts in order to communicate accurate information:

Glow North Texas is happening on Saturday March 26th from 4-6PM at Byron Nelson High School. There will be age grouped indoor egg hunts at 5PM sharp. Remember to bring your friends and your easter baskets! For more information visit